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Professional Tracking Services and Training

Fernando Moreira and his team are on call 24-7 to assist any Law Enforcement agencies or search and rescue teams around the world. You can call Fernando at (775) 338-0882 or send email to 


ARMED FORCES, LAW ENFORCEMENT. The professional tracking services is a Reno Nevada based organization dedicated to the art of visual mantracking. The primary goal of our organization is to provide high-quality, instruction to Military, Law Enforcement  groups around the world for the purposes of locating lost or missing subjects. The same skills can be used to track and apprehend fugitives, escapees and suspects on the run. It can also be used to locate, identify, discriminate and interpret sign in a crime scene. 1098235_290168464456802_168897532_n[1]

Some of Our Clients -

  • La Plata County Sheriffs Office, Colorado
  • Modesto S.W.A.T. Modesto, California
  • Vancouver WA Police Dept
  • CA Dept of Justice
  • Military Police
  • Alpine County S.W.A.T.
  • Air Force Military, Washington
  • National Guard
  • Bureau Of Land Management
  • US Forestry Services
  • Fish and Game

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From:  La Plata County Sheriffs office, CO

I was able to take Fernando’s tactical tracking class this last week, 4/16 through 4/20, in Modesto CA. I’ve been in law enforcement for 13 years and have had some tracking training in the past. Fernando’s course gave me a much more thorough understanding of how to implement tracking from start to finish and how to deploy a tracking team safely, and effectively. Fernando is very skilled at his craft and is genuinely interested in passing his knowledge on to others. I am very fortunate that I was able to go to his class all the way from southern Colorado. I came back home with many more tools for tracking that will benefit my department and community. I’ll use the skills he taught me for the rest of my career. Thank you Fernando and thanks also to the excellent Modesto tracking team.