Law Enforcement

Tracking Class: Patrol Tracker this is a 5 days 40 hours tracking class for law enforcement

The art of tracking involves following sign (traces) or footprints, monitoring the course of something and carefully observing and pursuing that target to a successful end. A tracker is someone who has the discipline needed to develop these skills. Like most specialties in Law Enforcement world, tracking involves skills that must be regularly practiced and perfected or the skills will rapidly deteriorate. Course is designed for law enforcement on patrol. The students will learn step- by- step method in different types of terrains. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the use of tracking tools and their application
  • Identify different types of track sign
  • The tracking stick as the basic tool of the tracker. How to set it up and how to use it.
  • Documentation, Forms, Diagrams and Photographs: How they are prepared and used by the tracker.
  • The Tracking Team, The basic tracking team, team formation, duties of the team members.
  • Aging sign
  • Lost tracks drill
  • Communicating Prints
  • Slope and Ground cover
  • Sun Angle
  • Deductive skills And Precision Releases
  • Basic skills in sign cutting

Basic in crime scenes investigations Crime Scene Track Interpretation Crime scene track interpretation for forensic evidence and crime scene reconstruction. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to identify clues and tracks as they relate to crime scene investigation.


  • Observe and obey all crime scene protocols
  • Demonstrate the proper techniques for approach and entry into the crime scene
  • Identify and discriminate different types of track sign at the scene.
  • Preserve the crime scene indentifies and protects evidence
  • Control and direct a tracking team at crime scene
  • Complete a detailed report of the track team actions and observations
  • Crime Scene preservation
  • Scene surveys and searches



Tracking Class: Urban Tracking this is 5 days 40 hours tracking course. Urban Tracking is a fast phase human tracking in urban and rural environments for, law enforcement and Military. The student will be taught to track humans. The students will learn how to see, identify, interpret, and follow sign. The students will learn how to move in a fast phase to close the time and distance gap forcing their suspect’s to make mistakes leading to a capture. This course is a 5 days 40 hours. The Graduates will receive a certification by Professional Tracking Services Contact us for schedule and price information.



Tracking Class: TACTICAL TRACKING FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT  Tactical Tracking 40 Hours 5 Days Course designed to instruct students how to conduct operations safely as a tactical tracking team . This course is 100% camouflage at all times. Students will learn how to track and use the tracking skills and apply them to many aspects of Law Enforcement. Some of these Information/ forensic analysisas well intelligence gathering while conducting tracking operations.

  • Tracking team formations and how to adjust the formations for different terrain.
  • Common Booby trap recognition.
  • Combat Tracking Techniques.
  • Immediate action drills using non- lethal training ammunition
  • Tactical team development and training activities
  • Operations Planning and command & control during the track
  • Tactical Team Patrol operations
  • Point man techniques
  • Interpreting top and ground sign when obvious footprints are not found.
  • Lost track procedure and sign cutting techniques.
  • How to recognize common deception tactics determining the age of sign/ spoor
  • Track pursuit drills
  • Making proper use of all senses for maximum awareness in back country
  • Students will expect to use these techniques throug out the course. Including night operations.
  • Lost communications protocol



Tracking Class: Counter Tracking this is a 5 days 40 hours tracking course. Tracking is a art you need a lot of training to achieve and maintain a high level of tracking skills and you should be familiar with basic techniques of tracking to enable you to detect the presence of hidden enemy and follow him, to find and avoid booby traps, and to give early warning of ambush. You should be in good physical condition with excellent skills. You may be forced to travel for days under different terrain conditions, without food and with little water, at a fast pace, and under tremendous mental stress. Tracking requires intense concentration, stamina, and an eye for detail. Be patient and steady. Be able to move slowly and quietly avoid fast movement that may cause you to overlook sign, and loose the tracks or blunder into a terrorist unit that is counter tracking you. Be persistent and have the skill and desire to continue the mission even though signs are scarce or bad weather or terrain destroying sign. This is a 40 hours tracking course The Graduates will receive a certification by Professional Tracking Services Contact us for schedule and price information.